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Winning in Life with Steve Sexton was specifically designed to help listeners navigate the confusing world of finance and apply principals that can be used in everyday life to make life more meaningful and rewarding than it’s ever been before. By combining the knowledge of nationally known economists, respected authors, travel gurus, lifestyle experts, and philanthropic leaders, Winning in Life is designed to give listeners the tools they need to truly WIN in life.

Working With Charities

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Steve Sexton is passionate about giving back to the community and does so in many ways. Not only is he the director of the Financial Knowledge Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the community about financial matters, but Steve has also partnered with charities to raise awareness, raise money, and most of all — to have fun.

Recent Guests

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“Winning in Life” has been lucky enough to welcome the shared knowledge of nationally known economists, well-known authors, travel gurus, lifestyle experts and philanthropic leaders.  These guests will help our listeners gain strategies to win in life. Each week we will feature a few of the local and national leaders in finance and lifestyle topics. Please see below for their bios and more information about their appearance on the show. Would you like to be a guest...

Market Watch

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“Winning in Life” is proud to be your source for up-to-the-minute finance and lifestyle news that you need to know. Not only will Steve Sexton highlight stories on the air each week, but we will continue to post news updates that you need to know. Because after all, “making smart financial decisions can impact the quality of your life.”